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I'm a Brooklyn-based actor, comedian, writer, and voiceover artist. Raised in Atlanta, I headed north to study American Studies and Creative Writing at Columbia University, although tbh I pretty much majored in The Varsity Show and Fruit Paunch.


I trained in improv with The Upright Citizens Brigade and was a featured sketch performer on house teams Nipsey, Roanoke, and Moriarty. I also had a one-woman (+3 men) show called A Date With Every Boy that was a smash hit at UCBT Chelsea. 


These days I play the Hannaford lady, appear in a PooPourri ad with Jonathan Van Ness sitting on a toilet, and teach my sock puppets to bake cheesecake for Philadelphia. My voice is featured in Audible's Heads Will Roll (alongside the voices of Kate McKinnon, Meryl Streep, and Tim Gunn), and I also wrote, starred in, and co-directed a short film called Always Left Handed.


During quarantine I started learning Swedish and Italian and feel hopeful that someday my Isabella Rossellini impression will finally be appreciated, as it is the only impression I do. 

Things Becky Likes:

  1. The Birdcage

  2. A/C with energy saver

  3. Bob's Burgers

  4. Ice cream

  5. Home Alone memorabilia

  6. Most Stephen King novels

  7. Death Becomes Her

  8. Cher

  9. Pet turtles named Skipperdee

  10. The song "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson

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