I'm a comedian/actor/voiceover artist in Brooklyn by way of Atlanta. You may know me from my UCBTNY house sketch team Nipsey. Or maybe you saw and loved my one-woman (+3 men) show A Date with Every Boy.

But did you know that my voice was recently featured in Audible's Heads Will Roll (alongside the voices of Kate McKinnon, Meryl Streep, and Tim Gunn)? Or in Nick Jr's Butterbean's Café, in which I voice a ballet teacher who is also a french bear? Or that I portrayed Mary Todd Lincoln in The Adventures of Time Traveling B-Boy Jamel? Or that my first feature length film A Sibling Mystery premiered at the Vail Film Festival to the delight of hundreds of talented skiers?

It's a good thing you're here. Now you can learn things like: in my free time I like making crafts and staying up too late watching tv.

Hi, I'm Becky!

Catherine O'Hara

Not getting sunburned

Turtles as pets

"Ah! Leah!" by Donnie Iris

Bob's Burgers

Air conditioning

Back to the Future II

Ice cream

Home Alone

Stephen King books

"Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson

Things Becky Likes: